A painting desk for kids

An 1KEA kids' table, a paper roll and some spare parts: That's all you need to build a painting table with semi-automatic paper feed.

I'm not sure where to buy such tables if you really wanted one. Once there was this paper roll which was of almost the same width as our daughters' painting table. We knew where to purchase such paper rolls, so building something around it would be future-proof.

Kids desk, paper cut offKids table, paper pullout

The paper fits nicely between the two screws holding the cutter bar. Used paper can be easily cut by just pulling it up.

Kids desk, paper roll and cutter bar

The cutter bar ist just a peace of old MDF. The screw holes are v-shaped carvings; No drilling or additional measuring is needed. Grommets protect the bar.
Adjustment: Pull the screw just as tight as it needs to keep the paper from moving.

Kids desk, cutter bar detail

I had a steel bar and some metal hooks lying around. They now form the paper roll holder. Looks a bit like "there-I-fixed-it", but it does the job.

Kids desk, paper roll holder

There you are!
Quick 'n dirty, but it kept our daughter happy for more than two years. In addition, using an "endless" paper roll induced some making skills: We saw long horizontally told picture stories and selfmade wallpapers. Good girl!



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